Three Dog Bakery Product Relaunch!

On May 1st Three Dog Bakery will be launching our new products and packing in stores! Some of your old favorites will be getting a facelift with a new name and packaging but the same great taste. Lick-n-Crunch for example will now be 'Classic Cremes' and in addition the flavors you're pups have grown to love there will also be golden cookies with carob or vanilla filling. Yum!

Some other favorites getting new flavors are:

Mini Biscuits (formerly Itty Bitty Bones) will be adding a vanilla flavor in addition to the current peanut butter flavor.
Gracies Garden will be adding apple and banana flavors in addition to the current carrot and sweet potato flavors.

The new packaging design is a tribute to the company’s 20 year history of loving and serving dogs. To show our continued commitment, we are partnering with the local non-profit group Chain of Hope. Chain of Hope works to alleviate the neglect and suffering of animals while also providing education to promote responsible pet ownership. We will be donating any products leftover from previous packaging design to the group as well as holding a food drive the month of May.

Chain of Hope founder Kate Quigley will be here on Saturday, May 1st at 10:00AM to help kick things off. Purchase a bag of Three Dog Bakery® Bakery Blend Food for Dogs as a donation to show your support for Chain of Hope. All food purchased in the month of May for Chain of Hope will be discounted- $2.00 for every large bag and $1.00 for every small.

We will be giving out samples of our new products to furry customers all day on Saturday and Sunday so be sure to bring them along to check everything out!

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that here at Three Dog Bakery we believe in spoiling our pets! We love to treat them to the finer things in life which is why we began hosting SPAW Night.

What is SPAW Night might you ask? Doggie massage! Every month or so licensed massage therapist Bree Plaster comes to the store and does 15 minute massages on some very happy dogs. Aside from the obvious reason that it feels pawsitively wonderful, massage can help with a variety of other things for dogs of all ages:

• Puppies can benefit from massage by learning to be handled and touched on all areas of their bodies. This socialization makes later trips to the vet and groomer much less stressful on everyone involved.

• Athletic dogs can benefit from massages to warm up the muscles and increase blood flow before an event, and afterwards to loosen up tight muscles and prevent stiffness. Massage can also speed up injury recovery because of the improved circulation helping to move toxins out of the body.

• Dogs with arthritis can get pain relief from massage as it loosens stiff muscles and stiffness. Massage also releases pain killing endorphins.

• It is also a great way to help relax a dog that is stressed out because getting a massage releases chemicals called cytokines.

Our next SPAW Night is this Thursday, April 22 from 5-8PM. A 15 minute session is just $10 so call us at the bakery (816-753-3647) to book your slot!

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First Aid For Your Furry Friend

What would you do if your dog ate the bag of chocolate you left sitting on your counter?

You clipped a nail too short?

If your dog chased Peter Cottontail into a bush and ended up with a laceration above its eye?

Accidents happen to all of us- including our pets. Having a well stocked first aid kit designed with your pets in mind will keep you prepared in the event that something happens.

There are plenty of pre-made options available on the market starting at around $20.00 and going all the way up to $60.00. You can also put together your own by purchasing a small plastic tote and filling it with the items listed below:

• Sterile Gauze Pads
• Bandage Roll
• First Aid Adhesive Tape
• Cotton Balls
• Tweezers
• Scissors
• Hydrogen Peroxide
• Antibacterial Ointment
• Sterile Eye Wash
• Benadryl (Contact your vet in advance for dosing instructions)
• Quik Stop or a small bag of flour or corn starch
• Contact information of both your regular vet and the nearest emergency veterinary clinic.

Living in the Midwest means we also get some damaging storms both in the winter and summer. I like to stock my first aid kit with a few extra things so that I am prepared for that as well:

• Spare collar and leash for each dog
• Shot records
• Current photo of each pet
• Proof of ownership

For those of us who compete in sports with our dogs, visit the dog park or travel it is important to keep a kit in your car as well! Remember to pack a few extra items in this kit such as a clean towel, bottle of water and collapsible bowl.

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Donation Drive for Spay & Neuter KC

We will be hosting a donation drive for Spay & Neuter Kansas City (SNKC) from April 8-22! SNKC offers low cost spaying and neutering as well as low cost vaccinations for the Kansas City area. We have a bin in store for any items you would like to drop off.

Below are some great suggestions of items that SNKC could use:

Pet Outreach
•Dog Food
•Cat Food
•Tie Outs & Stakes (for 40lbs and up dogs)
•Dog and Cat Toys
•Dog and Cat Treats
•5 gallon buckets (water buckets for outdoor dogs)
•Donations for spay/neuter, dog houses and hay
•BP Gas Card for transport truck (diesel)

Office & Clinic
•Trash bags 55 gallon
•Paper Towels
•Laundry Soap and Bleach
•Copy Paper
•Tape and pens
•Bottled Water

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