Behind The Scenes with Fox 4 News!

Fox 4 News came to visit us to find out what makes Three Dog Bakery the top dog when it comes to great treats!

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Taking 'Paw'some photos of your pets

Photography has been one of my favorite hobbies for several years now. My favorite subjects are my pets- mainly because they don't run from the camera and cover their face with their paws! For my crew the camera means treats and praise so they are happy to model for me on a regular basis. I know this isn't the case for many people, so I have put together a few tips and tricks to help you get a great picture of your pet!

Be patient and flexible:

Your dog has no idea why you're waving around a treat and meowing like a cat. It's totally normal for your dog to jump up and run to you! Just place them back in the general area you want, tell them to stay and start taking pictures again. Be flexible in the final picture you're looking for- they're going to move and that's okay! Be sure to keep sessions quick, and don't forget to give them a bit of that treat you've been using to keep their attention every now and again. You want them to think getting their picture taken is the best thing that has happened all day!

Change your perspective:

Everyone can take a picture standing up and looking down at your subject, but that can make for pretty boring pictures. Get creative! Crouch down at your dog or cat’s level or take a picture looking up towards them. The trick is to keep taking pictures of the same subject from different distances and heights.


Zoom In:

Who says your picture needs to have your entire pet in it? Or even that the focus has to be on their face? Close up photography opens up plenty of opportunities get unique pictures of your pet that still highlight their personality and what makes them special.


Dreaded Red (Green?) eyes and blown out pictures:

The easiest way to fix both of these problems is to find somewhere with adequate light. I’ve always had the best luck when I can utilize natural light. Try placing your pet by a window and switching on an overhead light if that isn't quite enough. The best time of day for pictures is early morning or evening.

Look like a pro on a budget:

You don’t need thousands of dollars worth of equipment to achieve great pictures. I have a backdrop stand made out of PVC pipe and shower curtain rings, and my backdrops are either a few pieces of fabric draped together or a couple of king sized sheets.

For lighting the cheapest thing to do is purchase 3 work lights from Home Depot (mine were around $10.00 a piece). When buying light bulbs any that advertise as producing white light are what you want. Incandescent bulbs will cast a yellow hue to your pictures. It also helps if at all possible to position your backdrop near a window to catch all of the natural light you can.


Post your results to our facebook page(, we are excited to see what you all come up with!

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Dogs Night Out

May is u'paw'n us and with it comes the start of one of our favorite reoccurring events- Dog's Night Out! Many of our customers are regular attendees but there are plenty who really don't even know what Dog's Night Out is. This blog is for you!

Dog's Night Out is an event where Three Dog Bakery teams up with a local restaurant that has outdoor seating for a doggie dinner party. We serve the dogs a 4 course meal while you order off of the restaurant's normal menu for yourself.

The menu for the dogs changes from year to year and restaurant to restaurant- we like to try and match up with the restaurant's style! For example last year at Lidia's dogs dined on appetizer baskets, 'chow wow cheese pizzas', 'muttacati' and "corgi canolis'.

Our May Dog's Night Out will be at McCoy's in Westport on Tuesday, May 18th at 6:00PM. McCoy's serves creative comfort food selections. I'm drooling just thinking about the Greek Pizza and Sarah our Pastry Chef thinks the Mom's Macaroni & Cheese sounds delicious. Check out their menu, there are plenty of great options to choose from!

Pre-registration is required for this event. Cost is just $15.00 per dog and all of the net proceeds benefit the Three Dog Bakery(R) Foundation. Walk-in registration at the bakery begins TODAY- Monday, May 3. Phone in registration begins tomorrow- Tuesday, May 4. Our number is 816-753-3647.

There will only be ONE seating for this Dog's Night Out so be sure to reserve your spot early- spots will fill up quickly!

Once you have arrived the rules are pretty simple:

1 dog to 1 person
Adults 13 & up
All dogs must be kept on a 4ft leash (No retractable leashes, please.)
Reservations must be made in store or by phone. We cannot take reservations via email or internet.
Payment is required at the time the reservation is made and cannot be refunded as it is a donation for our non-profit branch. All net proceeds are donated to Three Dog Bakery Foundation.

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Treat Of The Month: Diggin Up Daisies Cookie

May's treat of the month is the Diggin Up Daisies Cookie!

Diggin up Daisies Cookies are a wheat flour based cookie with carob decoration. They're just $1.75 and come in a variety of fun summer colors. Stop by the store and pick some up for your pups soon!

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