All About Lexi Jo!

Lexi Jo

Name: Lexi Jo

Breed: Boxer

Age: 8

Siblings: I have a little brother Bruiser, he's a Boxer too

Pet Peeves: I HATE it when Bruiser steals my toys, and it really bothers me when I'm not the center of attention.

Favorite Past-times: I love sunning on the deck when it's warm outside, playing tug of war with my brother, chasing the laser pointer around the back yard, and I LOVE belly scratches!

Favorite Toy: My Simply Fido Teddy Bear, but I have to leave it at work so Bruiser doesn't destroy it!

Favorite Food: Three Dog Bakery food of course, I eat the reduced calorie to help me keep my girlish figure.

Best Trick: I know how to look pretty!

Funny Personality Traits: I love to sing and dance, I wiggle my butt like crazy when people come into the bakery to see me!

Best Part of Coming to Work: I get to see my best friend Piper, and I get to try out all the new treats and toys. I have the best job EVER!

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All About Piper!

Name: Piper

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Age: Almost 2

Siblings: Suka, Nanook, Salem, Kazi & O’Malley

Pet Peeves: Getting yelled at when I bark. IM A DOG!

Favorite Past-times: Playing frisbee, herding the cats in circles around the house and keeping my yard free of vermin such as, but not limited to: bunnies, squirrels and deer!

Favorite Toy: My dragon or my Cow- Mrs. Moo Cow.

Favorite Food: I eat anything that won’t eat me first!

Best Trick: My Mom has taught me lots of fun things, but MY favorite things to do are spin and play dead!

Funny Personality Traits: When I am really excited and happy, I wiggle my butt like mad and then somersault into your lap for belly rubs.

Best Part of Coming to Work: Getting to see all of my doggy friends and testing out new toys and treats!

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Soldiers' Angels

Iraq War Veteran Troy Yocum and his three year old Shiba Inu Emmie are hiking 7,000 miles across the United States over the course of 16 months to gain support for military families in need.

Their goal is to raise 5 million dollars and "further spread the word that our American Heroes are fighting just as hard at home as they do overseas. We hope to provide a peace of mind and lay the foundation for military families in need to succeed."

As Troy and Emmie walk, Troy carries three unique items with him: a drum to literally drum up attention and financial support for Soldier’s Angels, the same ammo can that helped to collect 1 million dollars towards the construction of the Vietnam Memorial, and a Louisville Slugger baseball bat which takes the shape of a memorable petition form towards the creation of a National Day of Deployed Soldiers.

Three Dog Bakery is proud to sponsor Emmie as she hikes alongside Troy. We will be supplying Emmie with the food and treats she needs to endure this amazing 15 month hike for our heroes.
We also wanted to do our part to help here at the store on the Plaza! So from June 14th-23rd we will be donating $1.00 from every Flag n Wag Cookie to Soldiers’ Angels, the organization Troy & Emmie are walking for.

Show your support for this fantastic mission by stopping by the bakery for a few Flag n Wag Cookies! Your dog AND Troy & Emmie will thank you!

(For more information go to and Http:// )

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June Dog's Night Out At Lidia's!

Our second Dog's Night Out of the season is fast approaching! Many of our customers are regular attendees but there are plenty who really don't even know what Dog's Night Out is. This blog is for you!

Dog's Night Out is an event where Three Dog Bakery teams up with a local restaurant that has outdoor seating for a doggie dinner party. We serve the dogs a 4 course meal while you order off of the restaurant's normal menu for yourself.

The menu for the dogs changes from year to year and restaurant to restaurant- we like to try and match up with the restaurant's style! For example last year at Lidia's dogs dined on appetizer baskets, 'chow wow cheese pizzas', 'muttacati' and "corgi canolis'.

Our June Dog's Night Out will be on June 21st at Lidia's, an Italian restaurant in a former railroad house just north of Union Station.
Their address is:
101 W 22nd St.
Kansas City, MO 64108
PH: (816) 221-3722

You can check out their menu at:

Pre-registration is required for this event. Cost is just $15.00 per dog and all of the net proceeds benefit the Three Dog Bakery(R) Foundation. Spots fill quickly, so sign up now!

Once you have arrived to the event, the rules are pretty simple:

1 dog to 1 person
Adults 13 & up
All dogs must be kept on a 4ft leash (No retractable leashes, please.)
Reservations must be made in store or by phone. We cannot take reservations via email or internet.
Payment is required at the time the reservation is made and cannot be refunded as it is a donation for our non-profit branch. All net proceeds are donated to Three Dog Bakery Foundation.

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May Food Drive a HUGE Success!

May was "National Food Drive for Animals Month" so we began looking for a rescue, shelter or animal welfare group in Kansas City that could really put our food to good use. After much debate (there are so many worthy groups here!) we chose Chain of Hope.

Chain of Hope is a 501(c)3 organization formed in 2010 with the primary goal of alleviating the suffering of abused and neglected animals within the urban core of Kansas City. Their ultimate goal is to break the chain of ignorance, break the chain of suffering and break the chain of unwanted litters.

Founder Kate Quigley travels to high poverty neighborhoods in her personal car with volunteers looking for dogs in need. If they should see a dog in need they work with owners to improve the living conditions for that animal. Sometimes this means educating them on proper dog care, other times it means delivering food, water bowls or dog houses. Last year Kate and her volunteers convinced 1,000 cat and dog owners to have their pets spayed or neutered, donated 95 dog houses and 14,700 pounds of dog food to families struggling to care for their pets properly.

The final amount donated for the food drive by Three Dog Bakery customers was an amazing 1,165 pounds!

Three Dog Bakery founders Mark Beckloff and Dan Dye also wanted to help Chain of Hope, and have agreed to donate $7,000 for the purchase of a new cargo van to use in delivering food and supplies to dogs in need in the Kansas City area.

We will be presenting the dog food and check to Chain of Hope at the bakery on Friday, June 4 at 9:00AM.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the food drive such a success!!!

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June's Treat of the Month: Spaniel Sandals

June's Treat of the Month is Spaniel Sandals! The name was chosen by Lauren BP in our first ever "Name That Treat!" contest.

Spaniel Sandals are a wheat flour based cookie with a touch of honey and carob decoration. They're just $1.75 and come in a variety of summer colors. Stop by the store and scoop up a few for your dogs soon!

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